Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Saturday I got to DJ for Riley in a private location in Los Angeles.  There is some history between me and her family. I originally DJ'd their daughter's 6th grade graduation about 4 years ago.  Impressed with the performance for her school dance Rob and Sheila(the parents) called and booked me to DJ Sophie's Sweet 16(their oldest daughter). This was about 3 years ago.  And now 4 years later from the 6th grade dance, I was asked back to DJ Riley's sweet 16.

Riley took advantage of my online music database of over 60,000 songs and created a fun and exciting playlist for me to use for her event.  She had the standard top 40 hits, Timber by Kesha and Flo Rida, Applause by Lady Gaga, and the new smash hit Happy by Pharell Williams.

I wanted this event to be special so I including my Up Lighting as well as my MTV HD Video DJ upgrade.  All the kids loved the look, and since I used my HD Projector for the videos I displayed my @BestHollywoodDJ for requests. The kids really enjoyed being able to send me tweets with their song requests so I could play them on the fly.

Lastly I wanted to give Riley one of the company shirts and finish off the awesome night with a great picture with Riley, the true star of the event!  The best complement was from the parents who said that they were amazed with the growth of my company and that I was part of the family now.

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